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Portable Futsal Goal (Bow-Futsal)

Portable Futsal Goal (Bow-Futsal)

$ 425.00

Man, do we love Bownet products around here!

This goal is perfect for situations where you need to set up and take down goals quickly - like training or pick-up games.

We've found that, once you get used to setting them up, you can assemble them in just a couple minutes. (We got to the point where parents wanted to join in and help set them up because it's kind of fun to do!)

Each goal comes with an awesome rolling case to make transport easy. (And the cases have just a little bit of extra room so you can store sandbags or other small stuff in them.)

Each goal has rubber feet so you won't scratch or mark up nice gym floors.

This thing really is a must-have portable futsal goal.

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