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3 Things We Love About Joma Top Flex Futsal Shoes

Josh Whitcomb Futsal Shoes

A Shoe *Just* For Futsal

At Futsal Collective, we know that Joma Top Flex is the most famous futsal shoe in the world. We also happen to think that it is the best futsal shoe in the world!

While other brands make catch-all, genericized “indoor soccer” shoes, built for a variety of surfaces and games. Joma is one of a select few global brands that focuses on manufacturing futsal-specific footwear. This makes Top Flex the go-to shoe for serious futsal players.

Don’t believe us? Check out any high-level, professional futsal match - particularly in Europe - and you’ll see players wearing Top Flex shoes. These shoes are built precisely to meet the stringent demands of high-level futsal.

So, what makes Top Flex shoes so great for futsal? Three things:

1) The Flexibility

This is the most obvious characteristic - it’s right in the name, “Top Flex,” after all! Top Flexes are built for flexibility.

More than any other version of soccer, futsal requires a player’s feet to be pliable - to turn, pivot, accelerate and stop on a dime. Futsal also requires extensive use of the sole of the foot and, by extension, the sole of the shoe - making flexibility of that shoe vitally important.

Futsal players do not have the luxury of a flexible playing surface to assist them in being flexible. There is no soft ground or rubbery artificial turf to sink your studs into or to give cushion as you change direction, so your shoe must be able to assist by offering that flexibility on-board.

To say that Top Flex shoes are flexible is a massive understatement. Here is our favorite parlor trick to demonstrate the flexibility of Joma’s flagship futsal shoe:

Pretty flexible, eh?!

2) The Grip

Of course, flexibility is nearly useless without grip. All the hard cuts, quick moves, and lightning-fast sprinting means that a futsal shoe must hold the floor, too. As usual, Joma Top Flex does not disappoint in this regard.

Joma includes a geometric structure on the heel of the shoe to grip the floor when a player makes rotational movements. Joma also claims (we have not fact-checked this) that this feature helps prevent knee and ankle injuries.

On the sole of the shoe, Joma has added ergonomically-designed traction lines, meant to keep you attached to the ground as you move your foot from heel to toe. At the heel, these futsal shoes are made to flex and grip at the heel, while remaining stable in the upper. More grip where it’s most important!

3) The Reinforced Toe

Remember growing up, when you played outdoor soccer and your coach would lose their mind at the very thought of someone using a toe to shoot the ball? No? Just us?

Anyway, futsal is a different animal altogether - not only is toe-poking (or “toe-punching,” or “toe-jamming,” or whatever your preferred term is) not discouraged, it is actively taught and encouraged.

And so you’d better have a shoe built for this activity! Because these shoes are designed specifically for futsal, Joma made Top Flex with a reinforced toe, perfect for stroking shots from anywhere on the court without any discomfort.

We’re Convinced: Top Flex Rules

Top Flex by Joma offers the best flexibility, grip, and shooting surface of any futsal shoe because that’s exactly what it is: a futsal shoe!

We carry a variety of Joma Top Flex models and colorways, including the classic black Top Flex 301, the sweet white and blue Top Flex 820, and the Top Flex Junior, a shoe made for the little ones (with a price point to match!).

Click here to shop for Joma Top Flex futsal shoes.

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