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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 9

Jenny Whitcomb

Happy ninth day of Futsal Christmas! Time to rep the collective!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my FC sent to me…
nine FC magnets 
eight equipment bags 
seven Size 2 Sendas 
six round markers 
five REALLY LOUD whistles
four ball pumps
three training vests,
two Joma balls,
and shin guards for under my knee.

You know how your fridge is littered with silly magnets - local realtors, those alphabet letters that you haven't packed away even though your kid is a teenager, and that itty-bitty calendar that you squint at but still can't read? Get yourself a Futsal Collective magnet to class it up a bit. 

The first ten people who add a magnet to their cart and use the code 12DaysMagnet will get a FREE MAGNET. You've got literally nothing to lose here (except fridge surface area).


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